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With copy paper, a few office supplies and The Paper Ace, you can develop airplanes that fly longer, faster and farther than conventional paper aircraft, utilizing full-sized aerodynamic features. This book will also extensively explore the principles of flight. It will become your step-by-step manual for you to design and create your own high-performance planes.

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Paper Airplane Design #61 - Delta Wing, Slow FlightPaper Airplane Design #62 - Delta Wing, Larger WingspanPaper Airplane Design #63 - LEX Tapered WingPaper Airplane Design #64 - LEX Delta WingPaper Airplane Design #65 - Constant Cord Biplane, Crash ResistantPaper Airplane Design #66 - Constant Cord, Tandem WingPaper Airplane Design #67 - Tube Wing CanardPaper Airplane Design #68 - Biplane Canard with Camber AirfoilsPaper Airplane Design #69 - V-Tail, Ultra EfficientPaper Airplane Design #70 - Diamond Canard with Outer Wing Panels

1 review for The Paper Ace – Superior Paper Airplane Designs

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steve Martin

    Peter!!! Like 25 years ago I lost your book and forgot the name of it. My brother and I were SO inspired by it and thanks to google I just now found the title and this page. I am SO excited to buy the books again and enjoy the designs I have forgotten. I have made thousands of the #1 design from memory over the years and swear it is the greatest design in the world as far as I’m concerned. I once got detention in high school for tossing one out a third story study hall window. It was worth it – the whole class could not believe how far it went.
    Thank you for your inspiration, and engineering. You are one of the most influential designers for my brother and I.
    Please enjoy this video of a remote control version of the #1 I made from craft store foam board. I’ll remake it more accurately soon, but it flies nicely.

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