30 Paper Airplane Designs for the Paper Pilot


For everyone who has known the thrill of launching a paper airplane across an office or classroom, here are 30 ingenious paper airplane designs that employ full-sized aerodynamic features for the paper airplanes that fly as though they have their own power plants. Using easy to find materials such as business cards, sheets of legal paper and paper clips, any Paper Pilot, from novice to expert, can construct these extensively tested designs. Included is information on proper launching techniques, fine tuning, various types of planes and basic aerodynamics. Step by step instructions for each plane are illustrated with detailed line drawings and photographs to insure a flying success every time!

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Paper Airplane Design #01 - Conventional DeltaPaper Airplane Design #02- Stall Resistant Conventional Delta Paper AirplanePaper Airplane Design #03 - High Camber DeltaPaper Airplane Design #04 - Large Winged DeltaPaper Airplane Design #05 - Large Wing LEX DeltaPaper Airplane Design #06 - Long Canard DeltaPaper Airplane Design #07 - Short Canard DeltaPaper Airplane Design #08 - High Lift DeltaPaper Airplane Design #09 - Delta Flying Wing with TailPaper Airplane Design #10 - Inverted Gull DeltaPaper Airplane Design #11 - Delta Flying WingPaper Airplane Design #12 - Inverted Gull Flying Wing with TailPaper Airplane Design #13 - Low Aspect RatioPaper Airplane Design #14 - Low Aspect Ratio, High SpeedPaper Airplane Design #15 - Flying Wing with WingletsPaper Airplane Design #16 - Flying Wing DiamondPaper Airplane Design #17 - High Camber Flying WingPaper Airplane Design #18 - Winglet DeltaPaper Airplane Design #19 - Constant CordPaper Airplane Design #20 - Inverted Gull Constant Cord


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